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usps Reviews

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  • Shipping is terribly slow and they lose stuff all the time

    They marked my package as shipped on the tracking. So I went and checked my mail box, and it wasn't there, just a bunch of junk mail. So I decided to go back a few hours later, still not there. At that point I decided to call the post office and see whats up. They said they had put the package in my mail box, which is obviously not true. Not only did this happen but they misplaced my package at one point in the shipping and it took 6 days to move from one post office to my local post office (the post office that it got lost at is about 30-45 minutes away from my local post office). I... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • service sucks

    The past few months the USPS driver has been too lazy to walk up to my door to deliver a package, and has instead been leaving the cards in my box. My parents sent me a package from Germany, which according to them is very heavy. Anyone who knows, knows that when you are pregnant you are not supposed to lift heavy things. I tried calling my local post office to get them to redeliver my package to my actual front door, and no one answered my calls. I even called the customer service number and I couldn't even talk to a real person there. So because of their laziness, I have to wait... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    AmandaOliva's Picture   AmandaOliva    0 Comments   Comments

    I purchased two day shipping envelopes that stated "If it fits, it ships" but apparently that was a lie. Within a week I received two envelopes back with a blue sticker on them saying I had to bring them to the post office and could not ship them from my home address. When doing so the clerk told me they were over the limit of 13 oz. I asked her to show me where it says that on the envelope and she couldn't. SO I asked that she reimburse me for the postage since I was then able to consolidate all the mail into one envelope. She tore the postage off the second envelope and... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Debkeith's Picture   Debkeith    0 Comments   Comments
  • cancelling a shipping label

    I am very displeased with the USPS service the past 2 days. After creating a shipping label incorrectly I tried to go into my account history to find the label, cancel it, and receive a refund for it. After multiple tries the website kept coming up unavailable. I called USPS 3 times, the first time the automated message service sent me around in circles just trying to get to a customer service rep, then finally when I reached a human being they transferred me to a man named Frank who then hung up on me as I was explaining my problem, I called back going through the whole automated messenger... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
  • Tompkins County, NY Post office

    I am very lucky to live near the Ithaca Post office. I have to say that everyone is treated with the utmost courtesy. I have been taken care by Gregory and many times by Steven and I admire their patience and good humor. I received a receipt for some stamps I bought and saw at the bottom of the slip of paper that I could write to you. It seemed like an excellent idea because I have been impressed no matter how long the line is, everyone is taken care of so very well. Regards. More...
    pepette1234's Picture   pepette1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • MIx up in the routing.

    My apartment complex messed up my package, not realizing that they were supposed to sign for me. I called Eugene, Oregon, downtown postal service and they helped me get ti sorted out quickly. The lady quickly put me on hold, searched around, told me it wasnt there, and that she was going to call me back and run across the the other office to see if it was there. They called me back within minutes assuring that my package was in route and there would be no mix up today. They handled me with care, quickness, and assurance. Shout out to Eugene, Oregon, USPS. Downtown. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    toregrasso's Picture   toregrasso    0 Comments   Comments
  • USPS Richmond, CA

    I have a small home business on eBay. I have sold 5 Bamboo rugs to a customer in Hawaii. The rugs are late getting to her address. So, using the tracking number, the last place the package was logged in at was the post office in Richmond, CA. I've called over and over (510) 232-4554 and cannot get an answer. I'm going to have to refund almost $100 to my customer. I am a single mom and losing $100 is going to hurt. If only I could get someone to answer the phone to get some answers. I've done research online to find out this post office is repeatedly referred to as... More...
    EBAYSELLER's Picture   EBAYSELLER    1 Comments   Comments
  • late deliveries

    This organization cannot deliver a package on a timely basis. I never have had a problem with Fed Exp or UPS, but every time the USPS is involved that package is late. It's time that the US Gov't stops supporting this broken organization and let it go out of business. The leadership is clueless and incompetent. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    mjcjrcpa's Picture   mjcjrcpa    0 Comments   Comments
  • my Package is in Jamaica since 2 weeks waiting delivery in Dubai

    i place an order on the 27th of August, that was then recieved by USPS on the 30th of August. it took them 3 days to post the first tracking update. the package went from miami to OPA LOCKA then back to MIAMI!!!!!!! then to Jamaika... and stopped there. where the hell is my shipment!! when will i get it, and this was through first class mailing service. screw that kind of service. i tried sending them an email with no luck. it only allows people from the US to send there complaints. then why the hell do you have an international forwarding service. this is the worst forwarder i've ever... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    umsuleiman's Picture   umsuleiman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Based on all of these reviews, I'm never gonna get my package.

    Copied from a review I posted on a different website: Here's my story: I ordered something on September 1st from Hong Kong, expecting it to take quite a while.I check the shipping, and it says it should be delivered by September 4th. Sweet! that's some fast shipping right there! I checked it on September 3rd and it said it made it through customs. The next day at 3:50 PM it said that it arrived at the USPS facility. Awesome! Gonna be on time. Then it said at about 6:00 pm it left from the USPS facility to come to my home. Perfect. Right on time, right? Doesn't show up.... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    badusername27's Picture   badusername27    0 Comments   Comments
  • Completely Ignorant

    I would just like to take a moment to thank USPS. On 8/30/2014, I had a package delivered that I had been awaiting for about a month. This package contained an entire new LED light set up for my horse trailer. To cut to the good part of this, thanks to USPS, I now have the knowledge of what dog has been teething in my yard! I came home from a 4 hour drive to find my package IN SHREDS IN MY YARD because whomever the ignorant untrained person that made deliveries that day decided to drop the package IN my yard instead of any other possible solution. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    LittleBird09's Picture   LittleBird09    0 Comments   Comments
  • USPS- Never been so disrespected in my life!!

    USPS lost a package of mine a month ago. I have called/been put on hold over 6 times because NO ONE ever followed up with me. I as finally given this number: 713-226-3442. I explained the situation to the woman on the phone in hopes to finally be helped. Instead she told me "Its not my problem. USPS is not responsible for the loss of this package." Then she became irrate just because I was trying to explain that someone should have told me that over a month ago so I wouldnt have waisted so much time. SHE THEN HUNG UP ON ME. Really??? I thought this was consumer affairs/someone... More...
    lk1005's Picture   lk1005    0 Comments   Comments
  • USPS internationally shipping basically stole my money

    I sent a priority mail international flat rate envelope to Australia and for some reason it ended up in Canada. So I wanted to file a claim for the shipping cost and there is an 1-800-222-1811 number on their website that you HAVE to call-you are bound by this phone number as if you do not get the okay from someone at this phone number, you are out of luck Trouble is, no one EVER ANSWERS ONCE YOU GET REDIRECTED FROM THE AUTOMATED SERVICE-I held for hours, nothing-called every person from here to Mars that has anything to do with the post office and no one can do anything to refund my... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pookiebear's Picture   pookiebear    0 Comments   Comments
  • USPS refuses accountability for poor service

    I sent a package to my brother residing in Arkansas I live in Arizona. I sent the package two- day delivery. Delivery expected on a Thursday it still wasn't there on Friday or Saturday. Monday I called and I couldn't get through the massive fortress of automated prompts that only take you in circles! Tuesday I called again, this time I was the aggressor; tip: just say operator anytime the automation prompts you to say anything. I finally got through to a human who not surprisingly, had no idea or way of finding out why my package that was going to Arkansas ended up processing in... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    M9930's Picture   M9930    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst carrier to use for shipping

    Just prior to shipping, the counter man measured the and weight the box, and provide with estimate shipping cost "Flat Rate", I was told if I want the package to arrive with in 3-5 days, I should ship express, which I did. here past 10 days package is still traveling. Sorry did not use common private carrier such as DHL, FedEx or UPS - NEVER AGAIN ( as a tax payer I wish that operation will be sold to private organization) Shame on you USPS More...
    (Delivery Services)
    zrocky's Picture   zrocky    0 Comments   Comments
  • Package Not Delievered

    This postal service is the worst I've ever dealt with. A package sent out to me on 6/12 which I didn't receive by 6/17. Called the company and they stated it was delievered to me 6/14 but I never got it. Who needed it the most. This is the 2nd time having a major problem with them. Once I was waiting for a package and recieved a slip of 3rd notice and never recieved the 1st two. Okay, someone didn't take their package out of the box so others could receive anything but what happen to the other 2 slips? Someone else got it and I almost didn't get my package if I... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Crabylady's Picture   Crabylady    0 Comments   Comments
  • USPS Insurance on Packages

    DO NOT PURCHASE USPS INSURANCE. I purchased $179 of insurance on a $700 Lladro figurine that I was shipping to a buyer. I sold the item cheap so I only asked for the cost that I was paid for the item in insurance. USPS destroyed the item as it arrived in several pieces. Instead of receiving a check from USPS for the total insured amount ($179) the USPS decided that they only wanted to pay me $50 for the item they broke. First they over charge for insurance and then they don't even pay you what you insure your packages for. I will never ship with insurance through USPS again! BEWARE More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Unhappy101's Picture   Unhappy101    0 Comments   Comments
  • USBS

    (Delivery Services)
    kaikalaimoku's Picture   kaikalaimoku    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service

    I live in Houston, TX. I have a package being sent to me from Dallas, TX, which is only 4 hours away. According to the tracking info, the package was sent on 04-28-14, with an expected delivery of 04-30-14. when I checked the tracking info on the 30th, it showed my mail had been processed and sorted through the Dallas sort facility, and then processed and sorted in CALIFORNIA!! Obviously, I'm not going to be getting my package on the 30 which, as of now, was yesterday. I was pretty pissed but remained calm when I called the service line. Unfortunately, the rep I spoke with was a rude... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    kdragon's Picture   kdragon    0 Comments   Comments
  • usps priority mail complaint

    Purchased a product from Phoeniz AZ 4/14/14, selected USPS Priority shipping. I live on Long Island, NY. Accepted at sort facility 4/15. Estimated delivery date 4/17. Then sent to Minneapolis, I'm sort of OK with that as long as the next place they send it is a sort facility near me. THEN sent to Des Moines, IA. WHY???? Today is 4/18 and still in Des Moines. What kind of routing is this???? Packages coming from Albuquerque go directly to a NY sort facility 15 miles from my home. Why can't a Phoenix sort facility send a 2-day Priority package to a sort facility in NY... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    leslierae20's Picture   leslierae20    0 Comments   Comments
  • Personal: Lost package with tracking.

    I sent a package through the USPS on January 8th with tracking. It hit PA on the 10th and magically disappeared. I have been calling the post office and been going through hoop after hoop. I was told that I have to wait 45 day for the package to hopefully turn up. I waited the 45 days and then filled a claim for them to track it even more. I then waited another 2 weeks and still have heard nothing back. I called again and was told that if it is not found within 2 days and returned to the sender then it gets donated. So I wait 45 day for them to donate it in 2 days. What a load of crap. No... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pyro9521's Picture   pyro9521    0 Comments   Comments

    I love shopping online, I actually order something every week. What I do not love, is when a business decides to use the United State's Postal Service as a shipping method. Every time a package can take almost 2 or sometimes 3 weeks to get here! It is some time's comical when I order from Victoria's Secret and it ship's from a facility only an hour away from me, and they decide to take the package to a sort facilty 2 STATES AWAY! There-for taking more than 1 week to arrive. I do not understand why a business would waste money like that. Always slow, has always been... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    laylamarie10's Picture   laylamarie10    0 Comments   Comments
  • United State Post Office: Worst Cystomer Serivce

    I have been printing online postage from for many years and the one thing i've noticed is that the USPS has the worst customer service of any large company i've ever dealt with. When you present them with a customer service problem, they communicate with you like you're stupid and politely suggest that any problems expereinced on their site must be problems with your own equipment, not there. Such was the case recently when they rolled out their new site without beta testing. The site is wrought with gliches. Their solution was to suggest my computer sotware was out... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    978michaeln's Picture   978michaeln    0 Comments   Comments
  • USPS Bell Gardens, CA Facility

    Sent a package from New York to Nevada and it went through the Bell Gardens, CA postal facility after sitting there for days. When it arrived the tape was removed, all of the items in the box were gone except for the tissue/packing material. I have contacted two Postal Inspectors and neither one was able to tell me where my items are. I wrote to the Atlanta office where they take lost packages and the address I was given by the Postal Inspector was wrong! Spent $7.37 to send it with all of the photos and list of missing items and that letter too is missing. I think the items were stollen by... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    BMcGuire's Picture   BMcGuire    0 Comments   Comments

    I sent a package out on 1/10/2014 with an expected delivery date of 1/16/2014. As of 1/23/2014 the package was never delivered. I spoke with a supervisor two days straight in trying to find out where the package was. I am very disappointed with their service. The supervisor seems ignorant. This is urgent matter to me and all he could do was send an email to another plant and there's a great possibility that the email may not be opened. A supervisor doesn't know how to escalate a problem to find resolution!!! If this were a private sector he will be fired for sure. WORST... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ntempfile's Picture   ntempfile    0 Comments   Comments
  • Package never delivered

    My husband and I sent a package out on 12-23-13 (From WA to CA.) It is now the 20th and the package has never been received. The catch is my lovely husband lost the receipt so we do not have the tracking number. I realize this is my fault but the are RUDE, NASTY, and DON't CARE about their customers. I have contacted them 20 times about the issue. One worker told me I was screwed. I will NEVER ship with them again. I can't believe they are using such an out dated system as to where they cannot pull up the tracking number. I even paid with a card so they could reprint my receipt... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ebaker2010's Picture   ebaker2010    0 Comments   Comments
  • The worst worst delivery system and they r liers

    How dare usps tell me that they missed me even though they didn't even visit me or make a delivery??????????? On monday i got letter from amazon( i ordered somth on friday and supposed to be delived on Sunday) saying that my package was delivered but due to no one responded usps had to take it back. Btw the delivery apparanly "was made" at 3 pm, however I was there untill 5 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually those like " we missed you" happened to me a lot, i was home all day and later i would discover that usps made a delivery and they missed me, no one responded! Usps, you... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Angryatusps's Picture   Angryatusps    1 Comments   Comments

    I shipped a package to Portugal on 12/26/2013. I was told delivery would take 7-10 days. I have been checking on USPS website and notice that the package has been in their facility in Jamaica/Queens, NY since 12/27/13. On 1/6/2014 I called local post office and I was told they would send an e-mail to that facility. Today, 1/7/14 I have spent several hours on the phone calling different USPS phone numbers and nobody picks up the phone. The local post office was not able to help. USPS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEIR LOUSY SERVICES! WORSE THAN SERVICES IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    Maria2013's Picture   Maria2013    1 Comments   Comments
  • Letter sent overnight

    I sent a letter overnight delivery on Dec 26th from Ridgefield CT and the site tracking the package continues to said that the letter is at the sorting facility in Ridgefield. Called USPS three times and they were supposed to do some kind of "domestic" investigation and get back to me but never heard from them. Called again today and I was given a Consumer Affair # which naturally "all operators were busy, leave your # and we will call you back". Not holding my breath on this. This is why the USPS is going down and UPS and FedEx are so busy. Will never use the USPS... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    loomis112002's Picture   loomis112002    0 Comments   Comments
  • charged for priority 2 day - got regular service

    I paid $35.25 for a box to be shipped priority mail with an expexted delivery date of 12/16.I asked the postal employee if I paid the extra amount to go priority would the box be there on this date- he told me yes. He said it would or if anything it would only be one day later that with priority it would be no later than 12/17. My package arrived on 12/21. When I chose my shipping method regular deliver would have been 12/19- so my package took longer paying more than if I shipped it regular mail. This is the second time this happened -the post office does nothing to respond- or refund... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    llcleveland's Picture   llcleveland    1 Comments   Comments
  • usps in Frederick lied about Christmas eve delivery

    I ordered something two day delivery from Chicago to Frederick, Md. I ordered it December 17. USPS lost it in Illinois. It showed up in town on Christmas Eve. Mark at the Frederick post office said it was on its way to my house. It never showed up. They ruined a nice part of my daughter's Christmas. Shame on them. They lied to me enough on Christmas just enough so I didn't run out and get a replacement. Seriously, bad, deceitful customer service. They either lied or were just incompetent. I assume it it's a little of both. More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    joeg96's Picture   joeg96    0 Comments   Comments

usps Reviews By Product

usps Comments

lorded says: (3 months ago)
Yes agree USPS worse service ever in USA bad service ,bad coustmer service we will not use them to carry our delivery package

hdxlx1983 says: (4 months ago)
I really don't understand why a package went to Chicago from New York then to Pensylvania scheduled delivery Monday 25th of August left there P.A. Arived Greensboro N.C. and still not in South Carolina? Have another package coming from Chicago and I haven't received it.
To top that off I received a package from China in 3 days ?????? It was Fed X though . Why is USPS so slow ?????

USPSsucks says: (4 months ago)
USPS fkn sucks!!!!!!! i was home and they left me a note saying that they couldn't deliver -.-

matt1978 says: (9 months ago)
I would advise to use any other company than USPS. You can not email them unless you are located in the US. The international telephone number listed on their website is no longer in service.

How does it take over 5 weeks to deliver a letter?????

Track & Confirm e-mail update information provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

Label Number: LZ318643180US

Service Type: International Letter

Shipment Activity


Date & Time




April 3, 2014 12:31 pm

Processed Through Sort Facility


April 1, 2014 1:53 pm

Processed Through Sort Facility


March 30, 2014 1:41 am

Depart USPS Sort Facility


March 30, 2014

Processed through USPS Sort Facility


March 30, 2014 1:08 am

Arrived at Sort Facility


March 30, 2014 1:08 am

Processed through USPS Sort Facility


February 28, 2014 11:18 pm

Depart USPS Sort Facility


February 27, 2014

Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility


February 27, 2014 8:01 pm

Dispatched to Sort Facility


February 27, 2014 5:21 pm



February 27, 2014 5:17 pm

Electronic Shipping Info Received

February 26, 2014

dorass13pa says: (11 months ago)
I sent 2 packages on 12/21/2013 for Germany and Italy from Main post office Tallahassee. They never arrived to their destination.After 1 month and 10 days they sent the packages back to my home. They pretended that customs forms were missing on both packages. I have the receipt that shows the customs form number.I paid $86.90 for them to keep the packages 1 month and 10 days there? It is just ridiculous...Who will pay for this mistake?? Worst service I have ever seen, worst than a third world country. Stay away from USPS!!!

fuckhead says: (11 months ago)

Cleman says: (1 year ago)
About the site the company asked to pay a product, but they doesn't returned!

hugdbee says: (1 year ago)
my package was supposed to be delivered today. October 1. I have been tracking it online since the day my package left Texas. I put up a sign at the front door of my apartment for USPS to see stating I was home. I was literally begging to receive my package.

2pm. I saw the USPS truck pull over in from of my apartment then left after a few seconds later before I could even get out the door.

I went online to track my package again and to my surprise it said they left a notice and I should call for them to re deliver. WHAT THE FUCK??!!!

I called 800-ASK-USPS. wasted 45min just trying to reach a customer representative. they gave me the number of my local post office to call.

I called the number and the guy was just so rude. it's clear, he's been working there for a long time that he thinks he can get away with anything - type of attitude. i told him about what happened and he said "Ma'am, we have a lot of trucks, that might not be the one delivering your package". true, I said. maybe I was mistaken. "but what about the notice on the website stating they left a slip for me but I never got anything??l". "ma'am , sometimes when we scan stuff at the post office the system states something else at the tracking website. it's beyond our control". what the fuck is he talking about? THEN FIX YOUR SYSTEM!!!!

he was of no help at all. no effort to even try to locate my package. if you're going to be rude, obnoxious and unpleasant, clearly you need to find another job! why are you even in customer service??? get a job in hell! they need people like you there!!!

USPS tracking website is misleading. very unreliable. and to top it all, 800-ASK-USPS is the most useless 800number !

never again will I use USPS!!!

goinpostal says: (1 year ago)
Im feeling frusterated. I cant complain about my mailman, hes prompt and thorough. However he went on vacation for a week and since his return its one thing after another. On july 6 i mailed out 2 letters. I recieved 1 back on july 15 stating insufficient postage, .02 cents needed. Now the post office had placed not only a sticker across the recipents name but also several lines. I had to use a new envelope and 2 full stamps. Then last thursday 7/18 im on my porch when a mailman arrives n puts a delivery notice in my box. I tell him who i am and that ill take the package and he says its a final notice. I call the post office and explain i never got a previous notice to which they say i must have accidently thrown it out. Now my mailman has returned and i explained what had been happening and he opened his bag to show me over 80 miss delivered mail from while he was on vacation. Today 7/22 he hands me another insufficient fund (again 2 cents) that was originally mailed 7/6 and again the envelope was covered in lines and stickers so i address yet another envelope, add 2 stamps, so im 43 cents ahead and resend. I call the postal annex to inquire why it has taken 15 days to recieve my letter back when it was only 3 miles down the road. The curtious (thats sarcasm) postal worker informed me they send them back as soon as they recieve them. So where was my mail for 15 days???

Now as a kid i remember the mail motto being rain sleet snow the mail will get there. Lol its july and its not getting there...its barely getting back to me. Its getting ridiculous!!!!

Mantha360 says: (1 year ago)
I ordered a cell phone case on June 27th. The expected arrival date was July 9th at the is July 16 & still nothing!!!!!

maryannyang says: (2 years ago)
Recently I had very bad experience with USPS post office. They are very rude, misleading and not professional.

husband1 says: (2 years ago)
Today my mail was delivered opened because someone who works at the post office thought I had olympic game tickets. Sorry it was just an advertisement from comcast xfinity. LOSER!!!!

hisoka says: (3 years ago)
have u receive it or not yet?

Hashmi says: (4 years ago)
I live in New Delhi ,India,please somebody help me i am waiting for my mail sent via USPS since 8 months and didn’t got any information , i have also have been in foriegn post office , local post office but they denied and told me that they don’t have any information aout this mail please if someone can suggest what to do then please help me ,here are the details:-

Label/Receipt Number: LC79 9793 231U S
Class: First-Class Mail International
Service(s): International Letter
Status: Acceptance

Your item was accepted at 3:02 pm on September 10, 2010 in NEW YORK, NY 10001. No further information is available for this item.

Information on this item has been restored from offline files and will be available online for 30 days from 01/14/2011.

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